Account Roles & Permissions

DoneDone takes a simple approach to roles and permissions. Everyone on your account falls into one of three roles - Account Owner, Admin and Normal.

  1. Normal - Normal users are able to work within the Projects and Mailboxes that they've been assigned to but are unable to invite new people to the account or manage billing and account information. The majority of people on your account will fall into this role.
  2. Admin - An Admin can do everything a Normal user can do plus they're able to create new Projects and Mailboxes, invite new people to the account and assign people to specific Projects and Mailboxes.
  3. Account Owner - An Account Owner can do everything an Admin can do plus they're able to manage Account & Billing information like account name, switching between monthly and annual plans, updating payment information and cancelling the account.
We strongly recommend making two or more people an Account Owner so that if one person were to leave your organization, another person was still able to manage your account.
Admins and Account Owners are able to manage the roles of people on your account by going to Companies & People in the user profile dropdown.

After selecting a person from the list of Companies & People, you can update their role in the Account Role dropdown menu.

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