Integrating TestLodge with DoneDone

For those of you who use TestLodge to manage test plans and more, our direct integration supports your workflow and testing needs. 

The integration offers the following functionality: 

  • A new task is automatically created in DoneDone whenever a test case fails
  • Assignee, tag, and priority can be set for the task directly in TestLodge
  • You can assign existing DoneDone tasks to a test within TestLodge
  • A task’s status can be pulled back into TestLodge, allowing a tester to easily see the status of all failed tests
  • A task’s status can be updated directly from TestLodge when verifying any fixes

How to set up the TestLodge integration

The integration with TestLodge can only be done via your TestLodge account.

  1. Navigate to your TestLodge home
  2. Select Settings and Issue Trackers.
  1. Click the green ‘New Integration’ button.
  1. Select DoneDone from the drop-down list of issue trackers.
  1. Input all the necessary information, including your DoneDone account ID (which is the same value as the value of the URL when accessing the DoneDone web app e.g. and your unique API key (Your unique API token is available on the "Your Profile > API Key" section of the DoneDone app).

Select the green button ‘Add issue tracker’ and you’re done!

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