Plans, Pricing and Billing

We believe in pricing that is simple and transparent. We only bill for what you use - no more and no less. If a team member is removed from all active Projects and Mailboxes, they're free!


DoneDone is offered in two feature plans, Collaborate and Outreach. We automatically update your bill based on the features your team members are using. You don't need to update a thing!

Best of all, you can mix and match plans on your account. Need 10 people on the Collaborate plan but only 4 on Outreach? Not a problem!


The Collaborate plan is ideal for task management and collaboration with your clients. Simply create a Project, assign your internal team and client stakeholders and start getting work done.

Pricing is $4 per user a month if paid annually and $5 per user a month if paid monthly.


The Outreach plan is designed for team members that are communication with the outside world and need to manage and track those conversations. It's ideal for support teams who need a help desk or a hiring team that needs to receive and track job applications.

Pricing is $8 per user a month if paid annually and $10 per user a month if paid monthly. External customers using email are free!

Anyone assigned to a Mailbox is automatically enrolled in the Outreach plan. If removed from all Mailboxes but on at least Project, they'll be enrolled in the Collaborate plan. Not on any active Projects or Mailboxes? That person is free!

Monthly or Annual Billing Terms

Account Owner's have the option of choosing to be billed monthly or annually. Choose annual billing for the best pricing.

You always have the option to change your billing term but please remember it doesn't take effect until your current term is over.

If you cancel before your term is over, we will not refund the remaining unused service. For example if you cancel 3 months into an Annual term, we will not refund the remaining 9 months.

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