Link Tasks to Conversations and Vice Versa

When conversations and tasks relate to one another, go ahead and link them! This creates a more closed-loop experience and allows you to see everything relevant to your work.

  1. Navigate and select the Conversation
  2. Click Linked Tasks
  1. Select Create New or Link Existing
  1. Select the project and start writing the name of the new task and add all relevant information, or search for an existing Task
  2. Link it to the Conversation and you’re done! 

You can also link tasks to another task by following the same steps above.

  1. Navigate and select the Task
  2. Click Linked Conversations
  1. Search for the Conversation you’d like to link
  1. Select the + sign to link it to the Task and you’re done!

How to Remove a Linked Task or Conversation

  1. Simply select the linked Task or Conversation
  2. From the “...” Select ‘Unlink from #___” and you’re done!

You can also link one or multiple tasks or conversations and vice versa all at the same time, it’s your choice.

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