Inviting users after the import

If you've already imported projects from DoneDone Classic to DoneDone 2, all users with access to those projects in DoneDone Classic will now have membership to your DoneDone 2 account. However, we do not automatically send invites to those users, so you have a chance to review your imported projects before your team steps into them.

There are two ways we recommend inviting users after the import.

Method 1: Manually send invites from the "Companies & People" section

  1. Head to the "Companies & People" section.
  1. Once you're there, you can view the last activity date for all users in your system. If someone has not yet registered, they will have "No activity" by their name. For those users, click the "Send sign-in email".

Method 2: Have your team request a new registration email

If you have a large number of imported users, it may be easier to let your team members know they can register for DoneDone without your help.

  1. If their email is managed by Google, they can simply log in via Google Auth on the homepage.
  1. Otherwise, they can click the "Reset your password" link and enter their email address on the following page. This will send new users a registration email to DoneDone 2.

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